Daffodil Day 2015

Carrickmacross Cancer Society

Daffodil Day 2015 was a huge success largely due to the organisational talent of Marian Maggs and the trojan work of Pauline O’ Hagan and Pauline Fox. Thanks to the joint efforts of committee members and volunteers who counted money and sold daffodils, 7,000 euros was sent off to the Irish Cancer Society by Treasurer Pauline Fox. Money collected on Daffodil Day is spent by the Irish Cancer Society on providing specialist night nursing care for those who need it nationally and locally.

As usual the Maggs Family let their shop, Bits & Bobs, Main Street, Carrickmacross, be used as the headquarters for collecting boxes of daffodils, counting money and the provision of a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit/bun for the volunteer sellers to warm up after spending time out in the bitter cold. Carrickmacross Cancer Socity is most grateful to them and to everybody who helped in any way.

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