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Important Tax information

Donations over €250 Can Be Off Set Against Income Tax
The 2001 Finance Bill means that Carrickmacross Cancer Society can claim back the tax paid on donations of €250 or more in any one year by individuals who are on PAYE. Tax refunds are calculated at 42%, 20% or a combination of both depending on which rate is applicable. That means if you pay tax at the higher rate of 42%, a donation of €250 could be worth €360 to Carrickmacross Cancer Society.
Donations are cumulative throughout the tax year, so a standing order of €21+ a month will take you over the €250 threshold. At the end of the year we will send you the appropriate form that we need to claim back the tax. Those who are self-assessed may claim back the tax that they have paid on donations, so in order to pass on the benefit to Carrickmacross Cancer Society please remember to take this into account when deciding what donation to make.
Thank you.
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